About Us

Hart of Gonzalez spawned out of necessity in 2018. The original entity was growing so quickly it was time to establish protection. And the Hart of Gonzalez LLC was born. The name has much meaning to the founder, Shannon Hart Gonzalez. Hart, her maiden name and a gift, and Gonzalez her married name. Together they have the initials, H.O.G. her dad’s Harley.

At first the Hart of Gonzalez housed one entity, today it houses 4 entitles. Three in the United States and one in Mexico.

In 2018

Hart of Gonzalez LLC was founded by Shannon Hart Gonzalez in Texas.

From 1 to 16 team members

We’re super proud of our talented team.

Now in 2 Countries

We’re excited to announce we are now international!

Our Brands